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PLUS boys! series


PLUS boys! {Love Potion} series - for our tweeners

Our Crew PLUS boys!
Book 1

Some days, a girl’s only saving grace is a mysterious love potion that has suddenly gone ……missing?  

Book Summary: 

Fresh from an exciting summer, Sharra tries to surprise her BFF with the ‘love potion’, but when annoying Robbie Ashton first steals, and THEN slips a little of the potion into the punchbowl, things turn into pure CHAOS!   All she wanted was to snag the 8th grade hottie for herself, but with the potion working, she’s got some stiff competition!  Not to mention that, their brand-new, 8th grade ‘Cool Crew’ now includes girls AND boys, including hottie Gavin….. 

1.99 for Kindle on Amazon.com 

(Coming Fall 2014)
Being a Diva PLUS boys!
Book 2

Leslie’s plan to become a nerd and win Ishmael’s heart backfires, when Ish develops a crush on the girl Leslie switches places with.

Book Summary: 

Leslie gives the 8th grade class’s shyest girl, Daiye, a makeover...then decides it's a bad idea when Daiye becomes the class "daredevil” and “IT girl."  Leslie wanted to slip into her place and become more studious to win Ish’s heart.  But now, every boy in the class, including Ish, seems to have a crush on Daiye.  Plus Daiye’s going out on dates with Marshall on top of it, which is making her bestie, Nahdi, super-mad with Leslie!  Everyone knows that Nahdi 'likes' Marshall.  Is everything Leslie does going to turn out wrong?  And why does it seem as if Ish still likes Daiye?

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