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Thursday, February 28, 2019

New book coming soon [Fury Rising]

Coming March 2019 ....
(a New Adult paranormal romance)
(PSSST...I cannot wait to release this series.  There will be 3 parts....)
....she has to completely lose her humanity to win this war....
A young woman discovers that she is being groomed to be a powerful demon, but while seeking freedom, sends her clan to war with a family of militant fallen angels.
#Fury Rising


Interview with Azaa'a Davis (Feb 2019)

What a GREAT month I've had!!!
(February 2019!!)
(Here's a smile to show just how happy I am!) (Kidding....same 'ol profile pic!)
I love hanging out with other authors, just shooting the breeze....
….and hanging with Azaa'a Davis (author of This Time) was no different!
Here's my interview (hangout) with Azaa'a :

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Live Interview!

Hey! My, how exciting my 2019 has been! 
 I was live on SapphireJBlue's BlogTalkRadio show on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.  We had such a GREAT time, talking about my latest book (Returned to Fire), as well as mentioning by upcoming one (Fury Rising).  But we also just chatted about so many awesome topics …. basically hanging out LIVE, On Air.
Make sure to take a listen when you get a chance!