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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sistas Fairytales is LIVE!!!


There are 3 great re-tellings inside...so make sure to catch up with Cinderella, Jack, and Alice!

~Get lost in a fairytale with three modern retellings full of paranormal twists...~
If The Louboutin Fits
(an urban paranormal Cinderella re-telling)
by Queen T
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When her father mysteriously dies, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Ready to give up she catches the eye of a handsome stranger who too feels the pressure of his existence.
Together the two learn to lean on each other in their most difficult circumstances in hopes to gain their own happily ever after
Simmering Deception
(an urban paranormal Jack and the Beanstalk re-telling)
by Kish Knight
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Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, the strongest. After a near fatal mission, he decides to retire from the game and move back in with his mother. But there, he’s forced to face a harsh truth: they are deeply in debt to the deadly Fae Court. In a city where humans pay under the table to use dark magic, not paying often equals death. Their only option is to pawn the tairah, the magical statue responsible for Jack’s abilities. But after a bad trade, Jack is forced back into the violent world of hunting giant fae.
And something… rather someone… has put him right in the crosshairs of danger: an intriguingly beautiful woman who seems to be in the exact same trouble as him.
Alice and the Queen
(an urban paranormal Alice in Wonderland re-telling)
by K. R. S. McEntire
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Alice’s life is finally looking up.
She went from barely affording her studio apartment to living in a penthouse with her fiancé. She tries not to question her good fortune by asking too many questions—like how he can afford it on a restaurant manager's budget or why she’s yet to meet his family. She is living in the moment, eager to embrace her glow up.
But when her fiancé goes missing a week before the wedding, Alice must go down the rabbit hole and dig up the truth about her lover. She discovers a world of illicit drugs, potions, voodoo spells, gods, goddesses, and spirits. Who would have guessed that her biggest challenge would be his mother, the voodoo queen.

Get your copy here:

Sistas Fairytales Volume 1 Sistas Fairytales Volume 2


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Returned to Fire Chapter 2 Audio

Special Treat!

I'm loving recording this audio series for Returned to Fire on YouTube!

Here is the link for Chapter 2:





Sunday, July 12, 2020

Returned to Fire Chapter 1 Audio

Special Treat!

I'm doing an audio series for Returned to Fire on YouTube!

Here is the link for Chapter 1: