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Thursday, November 5, 2020


Take a peek inside Immortal Blood BOOK 2 (Cursed):

It was a good day for a kidnapping. 

That was the only thought on Bri Brewley’s mind until pointed words broke through the turbulent thoughts in her head.

“It’s six-thirty on a Sunday morning.  Are you sure you don’t need to call home and explain why you’re chasing a key to the Other Realm?”

Bri just stared over the glossy menu at Korey Parsons, who was seated across the table from her.  The sounds of the small diner around them buzzed, as people came in for breakfast, some just leaving work, others on the early shift. 

Korey was slouched easily along the booth seat, his body relaxed.  To all outward appearances, he was an average guy.  But to her, he was anything but average.  The magnetic aura that always seemed to cling to him was in full effect, from the lean muscles under his white T-shirt to his hypnotic brown eyes. 

As usual, Bri swallowed her attraction to him and instead focused on what he’d said. 

“Huh?” she asked, giving him her most innocent face.  Korey gave her a knowing look, clearly not fooled by her act.

His question hung between them, because yes, of course, she needed to call and let her aunt know why she hadn’t come home the night before.  But unfortunately, she didn’t have a great reason to explain why, especially since saying ‘demon dogs had been on the lawn’ probably wouldn’t be believed.

At all. 

Neither would explaining about the mysterious ‘Other Realm’.

“So,” his serious eyes bore into her as he pushed his napkin to the far side of the table, “what’s the plan for when we get there?”

Her eyes followed the movement for a second longer, and then she turned back to meet Korey’s eyes.  She knew she was wrong for getting him mixed up in this, but it was too late to back out now.

Without hesitation, she said, “I’m going to kidnap Ms. Vanthe.”  She let it sink in and then continued, “And take her to Rikgso.”

Surprise was evident on Korey’s face as his brows lifted slowly.  “Oh yeah?”

An elderly couple ambled past their table and Bri leaned in, dropping her voice.  “Yeah.  I mean, isn’t that my only solution for all of this?  Rikgso wants an immortal, and we suspect that Vanthe is one, so that’s obviously who he wants.”

She didn’t blame him for looking surprised.  Four months ago, she would have had the same reaction.  But since then, she had lost a best friend, been branded, and attacked, all courtesy of a very salty, psychotic demon.  Rikgso.

And Rikgso wasn’t finished with her yet.  Apparently her life was on the line if she didn’t find an immortal, of all things, for him.

‘Like as if they have immortals just hanging out in stores.’  Bri stifled a frustrated sigh.

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Take a peek inside Demon Alicha BOOK 2 (Fury Born):

The creature sitting calmly across from her bed was the first thing she saw as she opened her eyes. 

Alicha Anthony froze in place, the last remnants of a deep sleep slipping away.  Waking up to a demon watching over you was never a good sign.  And even worse, she recognized the demon casually seated in her bedroom. 

‘Katse, Tevit’s lieutenant.’  Her mind raced.  Whatever reason Tevit had sent his second-in -command to her bedroom couldn’t be good.  Given the fact that she had recently escaped a ten-year stint in the service of Tevit, the Demon Lord of Envy, and youngest of the seven Hell princes, she had right to be concerned.  Her hated job had included torturing innocent people into giving up their souls.  A recent turn of events had freed her from Tevit’s hold.  The only problem was, her old boss hadn’t exactly been updated on her new position.

Now, here was Katse, clearly sent by Tevit.

The warm bedsheets around her body had felt comforting before. Now, they just felt stifling and restrictive.  Alicha fidgeted.  Wanting to sit up so that she wasn’t as vulnerable, she really wished that she hadn’t stripped down to her underwear before going to sleep.

Katse seemed to read her mind. “Don’t bother,” he said drily, “there’s nothing a human has that I haven’t seen already.” 

Since Katse was a half-chaos, half-incubus demon, and given his reputation, she didn’t doubt him.  Back in the Hell Realm, his incubus side had made him very popular with the female residents.  Rightfully so, since he had a lean body, sexy chin-stubble, and an internal intoxicating power.  But equally as much, his chaos side had made him a violent, psychotic addition to Tevit’s stable, one that thrived on torture. 

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