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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Winter Tails (A limited edition Winter shifters collection)

 Coming up on January 28th!

🔥🔥 (Can you say excited??)🔥🔥.

My story 'Fire And Ice' is included in this brand new Anthology!

                                                    About Fire And Ice....                                     

                                     Shifters are unnatural, not supposed to exist….

In a world where demons and humans co-exist, newly-minted fire demon Kimone has to learn that she’s no longer at the top of the pecking order when the mysterious members of a beastly Pack come calling….and an old lover gets swept up in the midst.

Winter Tails (A limited edition Winter Shifters collection)
From the team that brought you :
Falling for Shifters (A limited edition Autumn Shifters collection)

Midsummer Night Shifts (A limited edition Summer Shifters collection)
(No longer available... (you missed it!)

Friday, January 15, 2021

Rise of the Elites PRE-ORDER!

From the Rise of the Elites collection



Don't forget to pre-order out the other books in the Rise of the Elites shared world, including titles from:

Jessica Cage

Delizhia Jenkins

Jennifer Laslie

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E.M. Lacey

Kish Knight

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 Freebie

 HAPPY NEW YEAR, Knights Time team!

That's right, we've made it through to the much-anticipated 2021.... 

(and we'll hold dear the memory of those that did not).  It was a very tough year, for the ENTIRE world, for all ages, all species, and so on.  And yet, we have to celebrate the small wins...

That being said, I want to share the news that one of my 2020 anthology pieces is available on Prolific Works!

Simmering Deception was my Jack-and-the-Beanstalk fairy tale re-telling, and is featured in Volume 2 of the Sistas Fairytales books.  But if you visit my landing page on Prolific Works, you can get a copy of Simmering Deception (provided with its own cover).


A retired Giant-Hunter.

A magical statue.

A deal with the Fae Court thugs. 

Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, the strongest. After a near fatal mission, he decides to retire from the game and move back in with his mother. But there, he’s forced to face a harsh truth: they are deeply in debt to the deadly Fae Court. In a city where humans pay under the table to use dark magic, not paying often equals death. Their only option is to pawn the tairah, the magical statue responsible for Jack’s abilities. But after a bad trade, Jack is forced back into the violent world of hunting giant fae. 

And something… rather someone… has put him right in the crosshairs of danger: an intriguingly beautiful woman who seems to be in the exact same trouble as him.