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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Geeks TV series - Documenting! (2)

to my AMAZING cast of teens on the Geeks re-branding project.
(Unfortunately, I can't release actual pics as yet... too early.)
It's eerie the way that they were able to bring
each character to life!
(Mind you, they have only had access to ONE CHAPTER of the script, and their individual character descriptions......
....but they nailed their characters' emotions flawlessly.)
....youthful joy....
...unless they were just being their normal, teenaged selves, and I didn't realize!
Perhaps...but they were great at the photo shoot regardless!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Geeks TV series - Documenting! (1)


I just completed the biggest hurdle of the summer : Project Geeks Re-Branding.  So, I am undertaking the splendiferous 😁 project of turning my Geeks YA series into a teen mini-series for television....

Yesterday was the promotional photo shoot with the cast, and it went flawlessly!!!! (Even though the shoot literally took 'the entire day'!)

Since I can be a Nervous Nellie sometimes, I was up from 4:00 am that morning, totally convinced that the photo shoot would be a total flop.....😬......

......but it wasn't!!!!!!!!!!!

Many shout-outs to my AMAZING cast of teens who just seemed to get the poses perfectly almost every time, AND to my two production directors who directed all the shots and poses without my even being in the room.  BIG shout-out to ME, who had to be the make-up artist for the day (since the budget was small...lol), and managed to do great make-up on everyone!!!

It's so amazing to me that the Geeks books (parts 1&2) were released in 2013, and even 4 years later, I am still able to be invested in the series.

1st Phase is complete!!!  

Many more phases to go, and I'm so excited!!!

(PS....I can't wait to start writing again, though....)