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Friday, August 29, 2014

FREE Book for Labor Day!!!

Guess what??!!!
The Shelf (Book 1 of the Dead-End Ave series) will be FREE on Amazon.com for the Labor Day holiday!!  
That's right...Monday, Sept. 1, 2014 to Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.

Grab it and discover where it all started for Bri and the crew!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Freebie Chapter for upcoming Novella (The Shelf 2: Cursed)

The Shelf : Cursed's book release was postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.  [Sad Face]  Very disappointing for me, but c'est la vie.

I also have not posted my book spoilers as promised [Double Sad Face].  So let's fast-forward it....the revised book release date for 
The Shelf 2: Cursed is Oct. 12, 2014.

Here is the first chapter for my readers:

[So at the end of the first book, Bri and Korey finally admitted that they were in LOVE, Gerald finally admitted that he was CRAZY and under the control of the demon that was stalking Bri.  Korey gives his life protecting Bri.....Bri defeats Gerald/ demon!....stabs hims with one of the Artifacts....Korey reveals himself to be immortal....Gerald's body disapears while Bri is in shock over Korey's resurrection]

Caught up yet?

Jump into the next book....

The Shelf 2: Cursed (a novella)
A delusional teen undertakes the aid of a demon to win the heart of a boy she is convinced is her brother come back to life.

7 months after THE ordeal….
It was amazing how different the world seemed when someone hadn’t seen it for a while.  Things that she would have previously found exciting and engaging, she found loud and over-the-top. Stylish clothes were either too restrictive and stifling, or too thin and revealing.  Even her friends’ jokes weren’t funny; they were sad and edged with double meanings.

Bri Brewley sighed.  Beside her, Chas Elliot grinned.  “So-ooo, this is the third sigh for the night…I’m sensing that I’m not great company, huh?”  He still wore his trademark king-of-the-senior-class grin, but Bri heard the real question beneath his light words:  ‘Are you okay?’

Instinctively, she reached to sweep her thick hair behind her ears, forgetting that it was pulled back as tight as she could get it.  Dropping her hand back to her side, she just shook her head.  “No, no, you’re fine, Chas.  I’m really glad that you invited me out tonight.”

“Cool.  Deanna and Rob are going to be here any minute, don’t worry.”  The screams from the carnival rides around them almost drowned out his words.  Colored lights fell across his face in a kaleidoscope of patterns and Bri watched them for a second, thinking that they were like life.

Changing patterns that wouldn’t stay the same.

This time she caught the sigh before it slipped her lips.  This wasn’t working, she didn’t belong here.  Time to go home.  Looking up at her friend, she started, “Chas, I-,”

A high-pitched squeal cut her off.  “Briiiii!”  Turning towards the commotion, Bri barely had time to blink before she was wrapped in Deanna Rubaine’s tight embrace. 

“Hey, Deanna.”  A pale smile fought its way to her lips, as she quickly pushed her friend away from her chest.  That was one secret that she didn’t need ANYone to discover.  “Hey Rob,” she nodded at the silent guy hovering in the background with a friend.  Now, she really did smile at the thought that fleeted through her brain.  Her friends Deanna and Rob Tandall were the best of friends, and off-again, on-again boyfriend-girlfriend.  Eyeing the unfamiliar chunky girl (well really, more voluptuous than chunky, Bri had to admit) that Rob’s arms circled, she had to assume that he and Deanna were off-again.

When she’d spoken to them all last, Rob and Deanna had been hot-n-heavy.   Bri shrugged lightly.  ‘I guess things change.’  It wasn’t as if she could blame them.  Six months ago, they’d all gone through some hell.  Losing two of their best friends to a supernatural impossibility had been crazy.  Enough to make anyone want to make a complete change in their life.  Six months ago, she’d been hot-n-heavy with someone herself.  Now, if she never saw Korey again for the rest of her life, she’d be happy.

And she firmly instructed her skin to stop tingling at the thought of seeing him again.  Besides, Chas was the real victim in all of this; he’d lost Shanice, his girlfriend since childhood.  ‘Imagine,’ Bri mused, ‘Chas decided to take me out to cheer me up.  He has to feel sad that we’re all together minus Shanice.’

If he did, he was doing a good job of hiding it.  In fact, the thing that clued her in to his heavy heart were the few long glances that he made off into the crowd.

“Really Bri?”  Deanna made a face as she eyed Bri’s clothes.  “What’s going on here?”

            “Deanna!”  This was Rob.  “Give her a break.”  Then he and Deanna exchanged a long stare, before Deanna gave Bri a tight smile and fell silent. 

It was okay; Bri knew what she wore.  Loose gray sweatpants instead of her usual extra-tight skinny jeans; a plain, over-sized white t-shirt instead of a skimpy tank top; no jewelry, no makeup.  Even her hair was bland, scraped back tightly into a bun.  No thick raven-black curls falling around her face.

Without Deanna’s comment, Bri knew what her friends saw: a boring plain Jane, not cute, definitely not sexy.  ‘Well, that’s the new me,’ she shrugged, ‘not sexy.  What good does it do anyway?’

Pointless.  What chance did a girl without a heart have of falling in love?  Absolutely none.  And that was what she had to live with since the incident.  Her life was basically over.

A couple appeared through the crowd and walked toward them.  Tall and striking, they swung their linked hands as they walked together, laughing.  Bri frowned as she realized that they were headed right for her group of friends.  But the flickering carnival lights hid their faces.

And then she froze as the pair was suddenly at the edge of their group, and she could see them perfectly.  The girl was a bubbly sprite, with bone-straight black hair swinging below her shoulders and perfect white teeth.  Bri didn’t have a clue who she was.  And she didn’t need to either.  She had no intention of getting to know her any better, regardless of the fact that Deanna, Chas and Rob all greeted the new girl with smiles.

If she still had a heart, it would have broken.  Slowly.  Even though it was all her fault for pushing him away after the incident….

Nevertheless, hurt coursed through whatever was left of her as she watched the guy quietly slip his hand out of the bubbly sprite’s grip and just stare back at her.  Her stomach churned and suddenly, the harsh press of reality crushed her from every direction: the ugly clothes she’d worn tonight….. the cute, girlish outfit the tall girl sported……Korey’s last words to her, ‘Call me sometime when you feel like being around people again,’…..Korey’s expression now as he stood in front of her, obviously in love with another girl.

Korey….the person her heart solely belonged to, and the reason it was in the possession of a crazy, vengeful demon.
           Chas squeezed her arm, snapping her out of the haze.  “Bri, you remember Korey, right?  This is his girlfriend Leilani.”