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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Cover reveal for Rise of the Elites (3rd and 4th covers!)

  There have been TWO reveals since I last posted about this project, so I must UPDATE y'all!!

(Remember, I'm working with an AWESOME group of seven authors that are working on a shared world Urban Fantasy collection....)

Rise of the Elites


The past Monday, August 24th, was the reveal for Cover Four.  Isn't it just gorgeous??

Pre-order Book Four HERE:

The cover reveal for Cover Three was on August 17th.  It is LOVELY!
Here it is:

 Pre-order Book Three HERE:

Covers will be revealed EVERY week until all seven are posted up on the banner above.  Plus, the story blurbs are being updated on the websites as the reveals come out.  If you want, head over to www.riseoftheelites.com and start reading those blurbs....see what the excitement is about.


Saturday, August 22, 2020

COVER REVEAL for CURSED (Immortal Blood Bk 2)


(Just gonna post this really quick...🥰 ....) Cursed by Kish Knight Series: Immortal Blood, #2 Genre: YA Dark Fantasy Release Day: November 1, 2020 Pre-order: https://www.amazon.com/Cursed-Immortal-Blood-Book-2-ebook/dp/B08G8T3W59/ 🔥😎🔥😎🔥😎🔥 ABOUT THE BOOK: Bri should have known that her life couldn’t be simple. Between burying her best friend and getting closer to the bad boy who showed up at the gravesite, her life has taken a serious left turn. The dark creature who hounded Arielle to her death has now developed a dangerous fixation with Bri. Bad boy Korey is the only person that she can talk to, but Bri can’t figure out if he’s on her side or if he’s part of the darkness. Not to mention that Bri’s clock is ticking down as she races to find a lost immortal in a town riddled with secrets, even as her body begins to succumb to the effects of the curse. The deeper Bri probes into Arielle’s sudden death, the more she uncovers the buried sins of a secret society. Since she doesn’t know who to trust, she has to start tracing the old steps of the missing immortal, in hopes of finding new answers. But as she gets closer to the truth, she has to wonder if anyone in her circle is at all what they seem. Get Branded, Book #1 : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VQ7MCTG

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Coronavirus Woes....

COVID-19 (the never-ending saga) 


So starting on Monday, my area is back to Stay-at-Home shutdown....

(all y'all had to do was wear the mask...😑)

1st chapter of Simmering Deception (for your eyes only....)


Hey y'all!  
Here's a (FREE) fun Sunday treat ....  the first chapter of my 
Jack-n-the-Beanstalk re-telling, 
Simmering Deception, is below.  Keep reading!

A Jack and the Beanstalk Fairytale re-telling

(Urban Fantasy with a hint of Paranormal romance)

Written by Kish Knight

Edited by Cheryl Parsons 


A retired Giant-Hunter.

A magical statue.

A deal with the Fae Court thugs.

Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, the strongest. After a near fatal mission, he decides to retire from the game and move back in with his mother. But there, he’s forced to face a harsh truth: they are deeply in debt to the deadly Fae Court. In a city where humans pay under the table to use dark magic, not paying often equals death. Their only option is to pawn the tairah, the magical statue responsible for Jack’s abilities. But after a bad trade, Jack is forced back into the violent world of hunting giant fae.

And something… rather someone… has put him right in the crosshairs of danger: an intriguingly beautiful woman who seems to be in the exact same trouble as him.





“Boy, you better wake your butt up.  Now!”

The first rays of sunlight slid through Jack’s vision as he opened one eye cautiously. 

“Yeah, Ma?”

“Jack!  You need to get up.  There’s no time for you to waste the day in bed.”

Groaning, he shut his eyes again and wondered why the hell he’d ever decided to come back to live with his mother after giving up his life as a Giant-Hunter.

He’d been lost in another nightmare, same as the last one: awful memories of the giant that had almost ripped his arm off.  Sure, he’d ending up killing the big bastard in a blaze of fire, but the memories still plagued him.  This morning, though, the only person facing him was his mother and her scowl, which deepened as she watched him open the other eye slowly.  Then he remembered that he hadn’t been alone when he’d gone to sleep.


Immediately, he touched the other side of the bed, and was instantly relieved to find it empty.  The sexy fae that he’d brought home the night before must have slipped out during the night, or she’d gone to the bathroom for a morning pee.  Either way, his ass was lucky that she wasn’t there in the bed with him when his mother had burst into the room. 

“I’m up, I’m up,” he muttered, finally pushing the sheet down over his body.  He shook his head, because he could put money on the fact that his mother needed him to do something.  Why else would she be waking him up this early? 

But today his mother looked upset, and he was certain that he saw tears in her eyes.  As he stared at her, he could see that at least a few of the tears had been shed, their tracks glistening along her cinnamon-toned skin. 

“Ma?  What’s wrong?” 

Even as difficult as his mom could be, he didn’t allow anyone to mess with her.  If something was wrong, there’d be hell to pay. 

The bed dipped as his mother perched on the edge.  We’re broke, Jack.  Rent is due again next week, and we need to do something ASAP for money.  And….it’s not just the rent, it’s other things.”

The weight in her voice alone when she said ‘other things’ made Jack’s heart thud.  He knew exactly what she meant.  Things like the bribe money they paid in order to stay in the magic game.  Humans, like he and his mother, didn’t have any magic of their own, and were banned from practicing or using magic, period.  That was the how the government kept the majority of the population from finding out about the existence of supernatural creatures.  Jack had only ever met fae, though, like the hulking giants that he murdered for paychecks, or the impish swindlers hanging on every street corner, or the business-like thugs from the Fae Court that his mother was currently afraid of. 

Now Jack was wide awake.  Sitting up straight, he fought away the yawn that tried to force its way in.  At the moment, his finances were real bad, so he couldn’t even offer to help his mother.  True, he had gotten a big payout from the last job he’d pulled, but most of the cash had gone to his medical bills.  So he was currently as broke as a joke.  Maybe retiring in his twenties had been a dumbass move after all.

‘Dammit,’ he thought again.  Aloud, he asked his mother, “How about this?  Let me go and talk to the landlord…and the fae court… right now.  They’ll get their money in a couple of weeks.  We’re good for it.  Don’t worry, Ma.  I’ll handle it.”

His mother was shaking her head.  “No, you don’t understand.  It’s not just this month’s rent that’s behind.  I’m behind on three months’ rent, so this is the last chance.”  A long sigh slipped her lips.  “And you know how it is.” 

Yeah, he did. 

If a human wanted to work in the magic trade, they needed to do it in secret, and they would end up paying the Unseelie fae bastards to keep it quiet.  If you didn’t pay, the punishments would be bad.  The government would just jail the law-breaker; the fucking fae would do worse, death or other.

Jack didn’t know what their version of ‘other’ meant, but he’d heard stories and he had some ideas. 

Unlike the Seelie Court, the more civil of the fairy-folk, the Unseelie Court was downright terrifying.  Seelie fae actually made connections with and helped humans if they saw fit to do so. But not the Unseelie Court; they just hosted dark and dangerous fairy-folk, period.

“I hate to do this, but-,” 

As Jack watched, his mother slid the tairah out of its velvet case.  The black marble-patterned statue gleamed as it was revealed.  Lifting it up to the light, his mother handled it gingerly and with care.  Now, in spite of his hangover, Jack was wide awake.  Personally, he hated the damned thing, and usually avoided touching it if he had to.  He knew what it felt like, though: warm and flexible, almost like skin.  The statue wasn’t made of any normal material that he knew of. ‘Probably some weird fae material,’ he thought now.

The tairah wasn’t something to be taken lightly.  It possessed the ability to fix magic, and though neither Jack nor his mother had any magic of their own, the tairah allowed Jack’s mother to work as a fixer.  That meant that she made her money by bending magical spells, and altering others’ magic just slightly to get the results wanted.  It wasn’t really legal, but it paid the bills.  Just not recently, apparently. 

The tairah, a small cow-shaped statue, was also responsible for Jack’s ability to hunt down giants ten times his size. 

The fact that his mother was now giving it away spoke volumes. 

“I need you to go down to the pawn shop and see what you can get for this.” 

In spite of his shock, the yawn forced its way out and split his lips. 

His mother scowled.  “This is serious, Jack.  I do not want to end up on the street.  It’s too dangerous out there.  You know that we have nowhere else to go.  For heaven’s sake, winter is coming soon.  If we end up out there, the cold will definitely kill us both.  And if it doesn’t, the fae will.” 

“How much time did they give us?”

“Until tomorrow evening to get the money.”

‘Damn.’  Immediately, Jack was on his feet.  “A’right, Ma.  Imma handle it, all right?  Let me get dressed and I’ll head out.  A’right?”

As soon as his mother finally left his room, Jack heard the toilet flush in the adjoining bathroom and turned to see the bathroom door swinging open. 

In the doorway, wrapped in a sheet, stood the girl he’d brought home the night before.  She leaned against the frame with every inch of the well-bred Seelie Court in her posture.  “So,” she said, a little smile on her face, “I thought that your mother would never leave.”

Sashaying over to where he still stood by the bed, she brushed against him and lifted one slim hand to play with the shoulder-length dreadlocks he liked to wear.  “Good morning,” she said softly. 

 Though Jack’s own lean frame stood just over six feet, she was tall enough to look him in the eyes expectantly. 

‘Shit!  Completely forgot that she was here.’  Keeping his expression neutral to mask his surprise, Jack only nodded.  The problem with picking up women for a quickie wham-Bam, was that in the morning, he still had to get them to leave. 


The girl shook her head.  A look of disappointment flashed in her eyes.  Instantly, her tone changed from seductive to annoyed.  “I know, you forgot my name, right?”  She crossed into the room and began fumbling under the pillows until she pulled out a T-shirt and a lacy panty.  In spite of his apprehension, Jack enjoyed the view for a second.  She was gorgeous, after all, and he was a man.

“It’s Ciara,” she added, as she found her bra below the bed.  That’s when she turned to face him, letting the sheet drop.

‘Good Lord.’

There was a bottle beside the bed, and Jack quickly swallowed the contents, letting the gin slide like sandpaper down his throat.  He didn’t need to be distracted any more than he already was.

“Um, Ciara, no I didn’t forget….well, not really…,” his voice trailed off, as her gaze pinned his, daring him to lie one more time.  “Look, good morning, how’s that?”

She only cut her eyes at him.  “Uh huh,” she replied coolly.  “It would have been nice if you were a gentleman this morning, and invited me to breakfast, but clearly you’ve got other things going on.  I’ll just leave.” 

He ran one hand through his locks, weighing his options.  “Look, Ciara, I know we just met, but you seem like a cool girl.  How about we set a date to do something another time?  Maybe we can get to know each other better?”

He could almost feel the anger in the air as he finished his sentence.  Ciara shot him a poisoned-filled glare. 

“This is the second time that we’ve hooked up, Jack.  Trust me though,” she gave him another scathing look, “it’s going to be the last.” 

With that, she dressed swiftly as Jack still searched for the words that wouldn’t make him seem like a complete jerk.  But he hadn’t come up with anything to say before Ciara was fully dressed and ready to go.

“Want me to walk you out?” he asked, knowing it was a thin offer.  That was the problem he had when he trolled the Seelie fae clubs for women; all the women looked the same, light and fine-boned.  He’d honestly had no clue that he had history with this particular female.  ‘Not a good look, Jack,’ he told himself. 

She waved him away with one hand, already at his bedroom door, shoes in the other hand.  Don’t bother.  But Jack-,” she paused to look at him, “one day, you’ll meet a woman that you won’t treat like she’s disposable.  And with that, she was gone. 

Jack didn’t like using women, not at all.  It was just that with his hectic lifestyle, relationships, or  hell, even one-night stands, didn’t really stand a chance.  Plus, he was still looking for the woman that would blow his socks off.  He just hadn’t found her yet. 

“Yeah, anyway, time to get this show on the road.”

Pushing his heavy locks back off his shoulders, he snatched up his usual leather hair tie and tied them back quickly.  His trademark brown leather jacket hung from the back of his desk chair, and he shrugged it on before heading to the door.


Copyright © 2020 by: Kish Knight

Story Graphics by: Kish Knight

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Cover reveal for Rise of the Elites (2nd cover!)

 Sooo, I haven't been sharing , but now IT IS TIME!!!

I am part of an AWESOME group of seven authors that are working on a shared world Urban Fantasy collection.

Rise of the Elites


Today (August 10th) was the reveal for Cover Two.  Isn't it just gorgeous??

 Pre-order Book Two HERE:

Of course, due to my slack bloggin' ways, y'all missed the reveal for Cover One on August 3rd.  
No matter, here it is:

Pre-Order Book One HERE

I'm excited!! But guess what?  

Covers will be revealed EVERY week until all seven are posted up on the banner above.  Plus, the story blurbs are being updated on the websites as the reveals come out.  If you want, head over to www.riseoftheelites.com and start reading those blurbs....see what the excitement is about.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

Trailer for Fury Rising and Fury Born

(I know, I know.... I 'm not here for a while, and now I'm posting all sorts of things back to back
...c'est la vie, right??)

Hey, y'all!  Here is a :
Quick trailer for Fury Rising and Fury Born 
(the Demon Alicha series)


Re-Branding for Fury Rising and Fury Born (the Demon Alicha series)

 Re-branding for Demon Alicha!  ❤👍🏾

(New cover design(s) 🔥.... maybe some updates to the story...!🔥❤

             BOOK 1 - Fury Rising                                BOOK 2 - Fury Born (Pre-order is up!)
                     Get in HERE                                                   Pre-order Book 2 HERE

Short blurb:
It wasn’t Alicha’s fault that her life was on borrowed time, since her mother had saved her life as a child by turning to one of the Dark Princes. Escaping that life was Alicha’s plan until her master sends her out on a Dream-Walk that lands her dead-center in the middle of an immortal show-down. Sucks for her that her becoming a demon-in-training was part of the deal. Even worse, her new lover just turned out to be a well-connected demon-hunter...