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Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Well, I was tagged into this Blog Tag Tour by the wonderful, entrepreneurial author Dormaine G., who is also one of my co-collaborators on Tintd Teen Novels.  Dormaine is the author and creator of the Connor series, a YA sci-fi saga, as well as Madame Lilly Voodoo Priestess, an adult horror fiction series.  Check out her books on Amazon here, and on her blog at http://dormainegblog.blogspot.com/.

Let us begin.....

(Lots of work....)
The Shelf 2 is the 1st novella {just tying up the loose ends from book 1, The Shelf, before moving on to the next book in the series, The Crescent} from my Dead-End Ave Young Adult series (that's right, I'm planning more....).  The Dead-End Ave series is about teens that are Descendants, those kids born to the original residents of Dead-End Avenue, and who don't get to live to see the rest of their lives.  Instead, they get a handed-down curse.....and a tiny, tiny chance of saving themselves.  Too bad, they don't all get to survive....

Singed is a YA paranormal novel, about a young dragon shifter, heir to the Chosen Realm kingdom, who falls in love with the wrong boy; ie, the Elf who murdered every dragon in the kingdom, except her.  Not only is her heart on the line, but the survival of the dragon race is too.

Immortal Blood Bk1 is about....CAN'T TELL YA!  IT'S A SECRET!!!

Agents Bk1 is the 1st in a short YA novel series for boys.  It follows Secret Teen Agent Sean Walters as he plots his retirement from the agency.  A series of unlikely events leads him to become an unwillingly recipient of a government experiment, one that even he didn't have clearance for.  It seems that he never really knew 'his' government.

....eep!.... I was supposed to answer this one?

Actually, I'm in love with the YA novels of my childhood, the Stine/ Pike/ Cooney era of cheesy teen horror.  While there is a big push for paranormal and steampunk novels these days, I am still crafting stories, set in high school, where 50% of the graduating class gets wiped out, 

...BUT the day is saved...

...BUT I usually have a couple of my main characters that get wiped out along with the rabble...

So, I guess my thing is...Bittersweet endings where things aren't 'quite so happily ever after'

That people (other than myself) will read my books and love them, then pass them onto siblings, and continue to remember the characters for years to come.

Shooting from the hip, mostly!!  KIDDING.  Well, that’s what I used to do, until my older sister instructed me to get some in order in my writing. ‘Use a Design Document’, she suggested.  (Which is basically an outline for your novel, but it is so much more, in that it helps you to develop your story from bare bones to a novel....)


The TALENT is flowing....... It's flowing so MUCH that I have THREE authors to link today!

The first is one of my good author friends, and another of the collaborators of Tintd Teen Novels with me, Khadija Craddock.  She is the multi-talented author, poet, and artist that created the Wak series.  Her first book from this YA paranormal series, is Awakened, a must-have for any collection.  Read more about Khadija on her blog:  http://outsidetheoutside.blogspot.com/

Following next is D.C. Cowan, one-half of an extremely talented writing duo.  Between her and her mother (the other half), they have written a plethora (that means a LOT! ..fourteen or so...) of sci-fi fantasy books.  I am actually awaiting the release of their next book, The Legend of the Black Rose.  Read more about DC on her blog:

Also, I have Taffey Champion, author of The Mystery alliance: Evian's Saga.  I met Taffey the Champ on a book blogging website, and she is eager to get going on the Blog Tag Tour.  Read more about Taffey on her blog:
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fear is BACK with The Shelf 2: Cursed - Aug 2014 release

Tintd Teen Press would like to announce the upcoming release of The Shelf 2: Cursed times Three, scheduled for August 2014.  ‘Cursed’ is the novella that falls between the first two installments of the Dead-End Ave series, a YA Horror/ Thriller novel series by Kish Knight.   This 2014 debut series follows the story of a teen, who in doing a simple blood swap with a dying friend, instead takes her place in being marked for death.

Death and horrific occurrence continue in The Shelf 2: Cursed times Three.  Stay posted for the cover reveal, coming on July 31st, shortly followed by the book release on August 30th.  This series is classed as ‘light’ horror.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I have not posted in at least 3 weeks, simply because I've been figuring out how to give my BLOG a fresh new look, WHILE plotting the scheme for the 1st novella of the Dead-End Ave series, The Shelf 2: Cursed times Three, AND while launching www.tintdteen.com!

BUT, I wanted to post today, because I have decided to make the The Shelf 2 a 'special' project.  If you read the first book in the series, then you know that I've charged myself with releasing the next two books in the series in 2014.         Read more...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's LIVE!!

Tintd Teen is officially LIVE! Stay

 posted for a new world or two 

(actually three!)

 for DIVERSE....TEEN.....FANTASY.....