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Hi everyone. I'm Kish. I write new adult and young adult urban fantasy/ paranormal romance.

Anything you may want to know...

How long have I been writing?
Since childhood, making up those stories about the milk in baby bottles being changed to blood.  Yep, that was my contribution to the nighttime bedtime stories.

Do I have favorite authors?
Yes!!!  Dicey Grenor, Kenya Wright, (yep, indie authors)....

Christopher Pike (forever and always), Karen Chance, Seressia Glass, and very recently, Jeanine Frost.  (Cassandra Clare is creeping up here...)

Favorite Books?
The Narcoleptic Vampire series -by Dicey Grenor
Temple of the Wind -by Terry Goodkind
Death's Mistress -by Karen Chance
Fury's Kiss -by Karen Chance
Weekend -by Christopher Pike
Born of Fire/ Born of  Night -both by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Do you do any sports?
Nope, nope, and nope.  (Was supposed to start tennis lessons, but it hasn't happened as yet.)  But I do like kayaking.... does that count?

Best place to get writing inspiration?
During the day, at work!! My coworkers chat sooo much craziness that my mind is flying all over the place.  I'm usually grabbing tiny pink Post-Its and making all sorts of notes.

If I had a super power, what would it be?
DON'T KNOW!  The one Will.I.Am had in X-Men.  Don't know what its called.

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