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Monday, November 28, 2016

FREE short fiction - Angels

A YA, supernatural fantasy....

A teenage Guardian Angel falls in love with the human she protects, which is fine..... until it all goes wrong.....

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Character Profile

Leilani Simpson,The Shelf 2:Cursed
Series : Dead-End Ave [Young Adult genre]

~before Leilani met Korey, Bri or any of the other Descendants, she was a very troubled young lady.  After the tragic death of their parents, she and her older brother, Casey, went to live with their grandparents.  Following Casey's disappearance, Leilani saw the inside of more therapy offices than any teen should~

(take a look into Leilani's background)

‘It must be a dream…,’ was the only thing that I could think through my haze.  Persistent hands pushed at me, supposedly trying to help, but their 'help' was sending me into the dark.  Not a great idea.  There wasn't any coming back from the dark.

‘Mentally ill?’  That’s what I’d overheard the doctor telling my grandparents.

They’d been discussing me at the time.

Nope.  Not for me.  That sort of stuff couldn’t happen to me.  Still struggling against the feel of his hands pushing me down, I fought the blackness that was overwhelming.

‘It’s okay,’ came Casey’s voice.  ‘I’m right here.’  His voice drifted inside my brain, like an anchor in a storm, but the blackness began to swallow me up even more.

         I fought harder.

Casey’s voice was persistent.  ‘It’s okay,’ he repeated.  ‘I’m right here.  Open your eyes.’

My eyes flew open.  Casey had lied; he wasn’t there.  The first face I saw was Dr. Kole.  Hovering over me, the psychiatrist pasted a concerned expression over the annoyance that I had already seen.

“Leilani,” apparently, she'd decided to try for gentle this time, “if you keep 'regressing', then we won’t be able to find out what really happened.”

“You know,” I said, changing the subject conversationally, “I’ve always hated books that start with a dream.”

The doctor frowned, probably wondering if I was cracking up even more, but the male nurse behind her was nodding.  ‘He must be a reader,’ Leilani thought to herself.


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