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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Winter Tails (A limited edition Winter shifters collection)

 Coming up on January 28th!

🔥🔥 (Can you say excited??)🔥🔥.

My story 'Fire And Ice' is included in this brand new Anthology!

                                                    About Fire And Ice....                                     

                                     Shifters are unnatural, not supposed to exist….

In a world where demons and humans co-exist, newly-minted fire demon Kimone has to learn that she’s no longer at the top of the pecking order when the mysterious members of a beastly Pack come calling….and an old lover gets swept up in the midst.

Winter Tails (A limited edition Winter Shifters collection)
From the team that brought you :
Falling for Shifters (A limited edition Autumn Shifters collection)

Midsummer Night Shifts (A limited edition Summer Shifters collection)
(No longer available... (you missed it!)

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