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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Author on the 'Hump' Wednesday : R.A. White

Hump Day is that special day in the middle of the week, where we try to figure out whether the week is just beginning or about to end.  So, I've decided to use Wednesdays to catch up with some other writers.  

So I spoke with Author R.A White about her extensive writing career.

1) How long have you been writing?
I've been working on books for about ten years, but as a teen and even pre-teen I was creating worlds and telling stories or writing them down.

2) Do you remember the very first story that you wrote?  Please, please share with us!
When I was in maybe fourth grade I remember writing a story on that blocky three level writing paper they provide for little kids in school. It was about a dragon, a princess, and a castle, which seems stereotypical, but in this case the princess was rescuing the prince from the dragon instead of the other way around. I didn't have room on the paper and I ended up writing on the back in tiny little letters to make it fit. It still didn't. I should have realized then that I was going to be  a novelist.

3) What is a typical working day for you?  When and where do you write?
I write mostly when my three-year-old is sleeping or out with my husband on his day off. I can't concentrate when my son is awake. He's just too distracting, and honestly, I hate to miss out on time with him anyway. He'll grow up and my ideas will still be in my head if I don't have time to put them down now.

4) What book (or series) are you known for?
I'm writing the Kergulen Series. I don't know if I'm known for it yet, but I hope that some day I'll be in the grocery and some strange lady will start shrieking, "It's R.A. White! I can't believe it, it's R.A. White!"

5) So, tell us your fave genre all around, in writing?  What genre do you prefer to read?
 I write character driven fantasy, but I read more suspense type novels like Dean Koontz. Really I care more about loving the characters than I do about the genre.

6) Do you ever see yourself as one particular character in your novels?  If so, which one?  BTW, are any of your characters based on family or friends? (….just asking….)
There are bits of me in most of my characters, but I think I'm most like one of my jerky male characters. We have the same personality type. I strive to be more like Rima (the heroine) in many ways, but I don't know if I have it in me.

7) What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  How would you answer that question? 
Question: Would you sign this contract for a million dollar movie deal with Universal?
Answer: Hm, let me get back to you on that after I discuss it with my agent.

8) Are there any spoilers that you want to give to the readers?
Spoilers? No, no spoilers! If people find out the main character dies they won't want to read the book!

9) Alrighty now, just to wrap it up, one last thing.  This is the trademark of this blog. What's your favorite bedtime drink? Cocoa, soda, wine?  Inquiring minds want to know, please.  (Don't worry, you can answer 'water,' if you don't want to say (lol).
Well, usually it's water, but when I have a cold like I do now I like a finger or two of Calico Jack. It's such a smooth rum that just a little orange juice makes it potable for me. Sometimes I get in the mood for tea before bed, but that's usually a day time drink for me.

Good luck with your book promotion!  Hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you, and thanks for having me on your blog. It's been a pleasure!

And thank you, R.A., for stopping by the blog!


  1. What a wonderful interview. Th book sound interesting and a series that I would enjoy. I wish you the best as an author.

  2. Glad you like it. R.A. is a wonderful author, and a wonderful interviewee! Much success, R.A.!!