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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dawning Excerpt

Excerpt from Dawning:
(Dawning (Book 3 of the Returned series novel) is almost here! May 1, 2018....
Sionne's story is finally coming to a close.)

But no sex had made Katse a cranky demon, and instead of repeating himself, he simply turned all the way around to face her.  Before he turned away from me, I glimpsed the look that was all for her.  Actual flames danced in his eyes, licking at his eyelids menacingly, while his lips curled back just slightly, just enough to see sharp teeth glistening.

The girl shrieked and scrambled off the bed, tangling herself in the bedsheet in the process.  Finally free, she dashed for the door, wearing what I assumed was her best lingerie set.  Guess she hadn’t known that he was a demon.  He’d probably forgotten to mention it.

Then we were alone in the chilly hotel room.  Katse stared at me as if he wanted to demand the whole story, but he didn’t need to.  I’d just given him all of my memories, and whatever I knew, he knew.

We stood silently like that for what seemed like an eternity.  Then he broke the silence.

“So basically you’re saying that Taryn killed you, but since you broke your link to Tevit, our master, you have no way to tell him to spare Taryn from eternal judgment, since you’re currently trapped inside her body?”

I didn’t hesitate.  “Yes.”

Resurrection (Book 1) ....................Hellbound (Book 2) .....................Dawning (Book 3)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Singed Cover Reveal

Singed has gone through a lot! 
Concepts, ....POV, ....targeted audience, ....beginning, ....ending, .....BUT especially covers!
Here is the final cover for Singed, which will be released on Sept. 1, 2018:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dawning (finale to Returned series novel)

It's been a while, but the work never stops, so hey. 

What I'm working on now:

Writing my labor-of-love novel: Singed
(Scheduled for release : Sept. 1, 2018)
(cover reveal coming soon)

Editing my long-overdue FINALE to the Returned series novel: Dawning
(Scheduled for release : May 1, 2018)

(this is the working cover....it's still in the making)
Dawning will end this series, closing off Sionne's trilogy, following behind
Resurrection and Hellbound.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Shelf Promo and Excerpt

(Still pushing the heck out of this book, because as authors, that's what we do....)

FREEBIE! (Excerpt from The Shelf):
A sudden urge came over her and Bri frowned, but followed her feet to the bookshelf.  The metal box was back in its place.  Taking it down, she pulled out the broken-heart pendant and stared at it.  Her fingers roved over it, exploring curiously.  It wasn’t like any other she had seen; inscriptions covered the backside, written in an unfamiliar language.  A strong sense of wanting slid over her and she shook her head, intending to put it back in its place, but instead found herself slipping the pendant into her jeans pocket.
Bri frowned.  She didn’t want Aeryal’s jewelry obviously, but for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to return it.  Unwillingly, she let her fingers slide over the aged wood of the bookshelf.  Something about it seemed….alive.  Beneath her fingers, it felt warm, almost like skin, and Bri shuddered.  She’d never touched anything that felt so alien and evil.
Even so, she could not stop running her fingers over it, slowly tracing the whorls and patterns along the grain.  Oddly enough, there seemed to be shapes cut into each level of the shelf, and Bri frowned, remembering how the pendant had sank into one of those grooves.  As she touched each, a tiny whisper sounded and grew louder, until the air around her was humming.
Mildly freaked, Bri muttered, “Time to leave,” and jammed her hands in her pockets, making sure the pendant still there.  With a sigh, she left the room.  Clearly, Greta wouldn’t be home anytime soon, and Bri did have things to do at home.  She headed for the stairs.  The first step creaked miserably under her weight, echoing loudly through the lonely hall.  Suddenly, a blast of frigid air swept over her, numbing her where she stood.  Frost appeared on her arms, white ridges harsh against the brown.  She could feel goosebumps rising beneath the ice and she shivered violently.
‘Why can’t I move?’  Hysteria filled her brain as her feet refused to work, refused to move her out of place.  It was as if she was frozen where she stood.
Overhead, darkness swirled until it settled into one large mass and two red eyes popped open in the midst of it.  She knew it wasn’t her imagination that the eyes looked pleased.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Singed 2nd Excerpt

Hey everyone!
I have the next part available of the intro to Singed :
Here is the blurb :
Pounding through the dense overgrowth of the forest, following the frantic steps of her parents, her brother right on her heels, sixteen-year old Zaryn Reshnor had no idea where they would take refuge.  Within the kingdom’s gates was one thing, but out here, in the forest, there were many hunters that would take a satchel of silver to behead the king.  And far too many sorcerers that would pay twice that much for just one jug of dragon’s blood.
Under the skin, her wings itched as she thought about it.  She had no desire to see her father’s head displayed in the center of the kingdom, nor was she interested in giving up any of her blood.  Which meant continue fleeing as fast as possible.
 To her, it seemed as if they were just running blindly, the sounds of war and dying still roaring loud behind them.  Bushes rustled, tree branches cracked and broke as the family raced by.  Her grip tightened around the metal ring clutched in her fist, and as it cut into her palm, the biting pain reminded her of why she needed to hold it tight.
Guilt surged through her, filling her gut.
She wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, or why they were running, but as the Princess of Chosen Realm, she had no choice but to move fast on orders to run.  Run, and shove the accusing voice in her head back into the far reaches of her brain.  This surprise attack didn’t have anything to do with her or the box she’d opened.  In fact, her only indication that something was amiss had been twenty minutes ago when her older brother, Amerea, had burst into her room hissing, “Zarie!  No time for games.  We have to move now!”  And as he had said it, Zaryn had heard the screams and sounds of war weaponry coming from outside her window.  Outside was the land of Chosen Realm, and within it, their castle.
Zaryn had only grabbed two things, the first was her royal ring.  It was the only thing of worth that the invading Hunters could want.  They wouldn’t get it if she had anything to say about it.  Over her dead body.  From the sounds outside, that was exactly what they intended.  Jerking it from the box beside her bed, Zaryn fumbled and almost dropped the shimmering ring in her haste to follow her brother.
The second thing was now clutched tightly in her fist as she ran.  It was a picture of herself and her brother, the best one of them together, she’d always thought.  She didn’t know why she’d grabbed it, but she had. 
Until next time, keep reading and stay connected.......