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Friday, January 15, 2021

Rise of the Elites PRE-ORDER!

From the Rise of the Elites collection



Don't forget to pre-order out the other books in the Rise of the Elites shared world, including titles from:

Jessica Cage

Delizhia Jenkins

Jennifer Laslie

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E.M. Lacey

Kish Knight

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 Freebie

 HAPPY NEW YEAR, Knights Time team!

That's right, we've made it through to the much-anticipated 2021.... 

(and we'll hold dear the memory of those that did not).  It was a very tough year, for the ENTIRE world, for all ages, all species, and so on.  And yet, we have to celebrate the small wins...

That being said, I want to share the news that one of my 2020 anthology pieces is available on Prolific Works!

Simmering Deception was my Jack-and-the-Beanstalk fairy tale re-telling, and is featured in Volume 2 of the Sistas Fairytales books.  But if you visit my landing page on Prolific Works, you can get a copy of Simmering Deception (provided with its own cover).


A retired Giant-Hunter.

A magical statue.

A deal with the Fae Court thugs. 

Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, the strongest. After a near fatal mission, he decides to retire from the game and move back in with his mother. But there, he’s forced to face a harsh truth: they are deeply in debt to the deadly Fae Court. In a city where humans pay under the table to use dark magic, not paying often equals death. Their only option is to pawn the tairah, the magical statue responsible for Jack’s abilities. But after a bad trade, Jack is forced back into the violent world of hunting giant fae. 

And something… rather someone… has put him right in the crosshairs of danger: an intriguingly beautiful woman who seems to be in the exact same trouble as him.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Cursed word count!

 72, 652 words!

Cursed was just sent to my beta reader 

at a whopping 

word count of 72, 652 !

The second book in the Immortal Blood YA dark fantasy saga.
Young Adult Thriller/ Paranormal Romance


Bri should have known that her life couldn’t be simple. Between burying her best friend and getting closer to the bad boy who showed up at the gravesite, her life has taken a serious left turn. The dark creature who hounded Arielle to her death has now developed a dangerous fixation with Bri. Bad boy Korey is the only person that she can talk to, but Bri can’t figure out if he’s on her side or if he’s part of the darkness. Not to mention that Bri’s clock is ticking down as she races to find a lost immortal in a town riddled with secrets, even as her body begins to succumb to the effects of the curse.

The deeper Bri probes into Arielle’s sudden death, the more she uncovers the buried sins of a secret society. Since she doesn’t know who to trust, she has to start tracing the old steps of the missing immortal, in hopes of finding new answers. But as she gets closer to the truth, she has to wonder if anyone in her circle is at all what they seem.

Monday, December 21, 2020

The boys??? (borrowed from the Rise of the Elites blog)


(I'm borrowing this post from my section on the Rise of the Elites website...we're gearing up and winding down those manuscripts, heading toward editing, and racing toward those 2021 release dates!  I wrote a little post over there about my beginning stages of writing, and then threw in a FREE excerpt on top of it.  ENJOY!)

 The boys??? 

One of the weirdest things about my journey as an author has definitely been my choice of gender perspective.  When I first began writing (meaning my first full-length book project, NOT anything written in high school or before), I was in college.  I started writing a novel called Second Chance about young man who ended up being dragged to another world.  Over the next few years, as I undertook my personal writing projects, I would discover that my initial instincts were to craft male main characters.  Strange…. 

Why was that?   

(I never figured out why…..certainly wasn’t what I read in my growing up years, since I read an equal number of female MC and male MC books.) 

I’ve even gone as far as to draft a novel with the main character as male, and then completely RE-WRITE the novel with the MC as a female.  (Am I nuts????) 

So again, why is that?  Again, I still don’t know why my brain does that HOWEVER, I will say that I initially considered making Dix (Rise of the Elites Book 6) a male character.  I decided against that early on and made Dix my awesome female MC, but brought in my equally awesome male secondary character Remiel.  (Remiel is the old Elite’s brother.) 

Now given my love of male main characters, let’s hope that I can give the readers an awesome version of Remiel.  Check out this excerpt with Remiel and Dix below: 



Without a word, Remiel rose from his seat and approached my throne.  His tall frame made me the slightest bit unnerved.  All of the Irin were tall by nature, but for some reason, Remiel and his brothers stood taller than the rest of us, easily past seven-feet tall.  Anael, rest his soul, had stood at a solid eight-feet. 

"Approach," he commanded, his tone leaving no room for argument.  Quickly, I closed the distance between me and Remiel. 

At his side, he held a glowing sword and I recognized it as one of the seven heavenly blades rumored to have been forged by the first Angel's hands. 

With the barest touch, Remiel tapped the base of my throat and then slowly slid the sword down along my skin.  The sword slid down easily, passing evenly through the material of my armored halter, and only came to rest at my bellybutton. 

Even as lightly as he drew the blade down, a trail of sparks were tossed in the air behind it. 

"From chest to sternum," I mouthed, knowing the old chant. 

But the sparks left behind had been more than just show; as soon as the metal touched my bellybutton, the little flickers combusted into large bursts of flame around me, creating a fiery ring in the air. 

A thin line of blood followed the long scrape down my body, and I looked down at myself in surprise, realizing that for the first time in my adult years, I was feeling pain.  Angels didn't experience minor pain, of course, but we knew what it was from our formative years in training. 

Fellowship of the Last Fallen

 Rise of the Elites 

Book 6

Fellowship of the Last Fallen

Coming April 2021

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Take a peek inside Immortal Blood BOOK 2 (Cursed):

It was a good day for a kidnapping. 

That was the only thought on Bri Brewley’s mind until pointed words broke through the turbulent thoughts in her head.

“It’s six-thirty on a Sunday morning.  Are you sure you don’t need to call home and explain why you’re chasing a key to the Other Realm?”

Bri just stared over the glossy menu at Korey Parsons, who was seated across the table from her.  The sounds of the small diner around them buzzed, as people came in for breakfast, some just leaving work, others on the early shift. 

Korey was slouched easily along the booth seat, his body relaxed.  To all outward appearances, he was an average guy.  But to her, he was anything but average.  The magnetic aura that always seemed to cling to him was in full effect, from the lean muscles under his white T-shirt to his hypnotic brown eyes. 

As usual, Bri swallowed her attraction to him and instead focused on what he’d said. 

“Huh?” she asked, giving him her most innocent face.  Korey gave her a knowing look, clearly not fooled by her act.

His question hung between them, because yes, of course, she needed to call and let her aunt know why she hadn’t come home the night before.  But unfortunately, she didn’t have a great reason to explain why, especially since saying ‘demon dogs had been on the lawn’ probably wouldn’t be believed.

At all. 

Neither would explaining about the mysterious ‘Other Realm’.

“So,” his serious eyes bore into her as he pushed his napkin to the far side of the table, “what’s the plan for when we get there?”

Her eyes followed the movement for a second longer, and then she turned back to meet Korey’s eyes.  She knew she was wrong for getting him mixed up in this, but it was too late to back out now.

Without hesitation, she said, “I’m going to kidnap Ms. Vanthe.”  She let it sink in and then continued, “And take her to Rikgso.”

Surprise was evident on Korey’s face as his brows lifted slowly.  “Oh yeah?”

An elderly couple ambled past their table and Bri leaned in, dropping her voice.  “Yeah.  I mean, isn’t that my only solution for all of this?  Rikgso wants an immortal, and we suspect that Vanthe is one, so that’s obviously who he wants.”

She didn’t blame him for looking surprised.  Four months ago, she would have had the same reaction.  But since then, she had lost a best friend, been branded, and attacked, all courtesy of a very salty, psychotic demon.  Rikgso.

And Rikgso wasn’t finished with her yet.  Apparently her life was on the line if she didn’t find an immortal, of all things, for him.

‘Like as if they have immortals just hanging out in stores.’  Bri stifled a frustrated sigh.

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