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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Author on the 'Hump' Wednesday: Khadija Craddock

Hump Day is that special day in the middle of the week, where we try to figure out whether the week is just beginning or about to end.  So, I've decided to use Wednesdays to catch up with some other writers.  

So I spoke with Author Khadija Craddock about her extensive writing career.

1) How long have you been writing? 
I actually started writing fiction in 2011, but I've been writing 
poetry since I was a freshman in high school, or was it 8th grade. 
Lol My memory has become very hazy the older I become. 

2) Do you remember the very first story/ piece that you wrote?  Please, please share with us!
That's a very good question. Unfortunately, I wish I remembered, or at least, had it written down. I do still have some poems from high school that I've written and even published in my school's art and literary magazine that I was co-editor of. Here is a little peak. Now remember I wrote this in high school so don't judge me. I'm sensitive.

Sentimentally Ill
...I stutter my life,
I live for the fight,
I die for the peace,
that way I'll never get sleep.
Until my soul is happy,
until my spirit causes divine intervention
between this equilibrium lack,
subliminally sublime,
consciously demonic
like my grandfather's tonic,
incarcerated in the house of diabolic.
Hate seduced me with it's luscious lips....
It goes on a little longer lol. 

3) What is a typical working day for you?  When and where do you write?
If I'm not substitute teaching in Newark, NJ, I'm busy being a mother of two girls. The oldest is in kindergarten, and the youngest is at home with me. I also help out with my father's online retail furniture and appliance store Mypriceforyou.com. I do that from home. I don't usually get to write until the kids and their father are asleep. I also get to write when I sub during my breaks. Sometimes I take a nap in the evening once everyone is asleep and wake up around 2am to write. I sit write in the bed and put a dent in it while the laptop warms my blanket. 

4) What book series (or series) are you known for?
Awakened is book one of the Wak Series and is currently available on most media devices. Descendants book 2, will be available late 2014. 

5) So, we’ve seen that you’re very versatile when it comes to putting out writing works.  Tell us your fave genre all around, in writing?  What genre do you prefer to read?
My favorite genre is paranormal because I can still kneed in figurative language, the best part of poetry. I still love to write poetry but I feel I can create another world outside of reality with fiction, especially paranormal. I like to read a variety of genres but I prefer paranormal romance.

6) Do you ever see yourself as one particular character in your novels?  If so, which one?  BTW, are any of your characters based on family or friends? (….just asking….)
This question makes me laugh. The more I think about my characters, the more I see my self, my friends, and my family in their characteristics and life style. Alaya ran track, I ran track; Alaya goes against the grain, my twin sister goes against the grain. Alaya is a fashionista, and obsessed with all things vintage. My sister and I had a clothing line in college and an online clothing boutique. We still appreciate the art in fashion just like Alaya. She only has one female best friend and my twin sister and I actually share the same best friend.  My sister/cousin and my brother has beautiful dark skin and Ive been in love with dark skin, unlike my medium/light brown skin, since childhood so it was only befitting to also have Alaya's skin be dark. Amina and Tori are influenced by my best friend's confidence and quick wit. The list is perpetual. 

7) What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  How would you answer that question?

How has being a substitute teacher influenced your writing?

I sub at the high schools in Newark, NJ. The students give me a first hand insight to their idiosyncrasies, teenage drama, mental disposition, style, values, and hardships. Teenagers in the inner city have a lot of concrete to wade through and that's inspirational enough. 

8) Are there any spoilers that you want to give to the readers?
One big spoiler for Awakened readers is in regards to Alaya's best friend, Tori. If readers haven't already figured it out, Tori is really the Companion of a Lyse. I won't say who. She is human, but she is a spy sent by her Companion to sift out Waks. Tori naturally betrays Alaya and attempts to capture her.

This one is really on the hush. Alaya is really a Wak princess, direct descendant of Great Woman, she is also the last princess, and the youngest Wak. Shhh...pst come closer, Alaya didn't really kill her mother. Don't tell anyone. 

9) Alrighty now, just to wrap it up, one last thing.  This is the trademark of this blog. What's your favorite bedtime drink? Cocoa, soda, wine?  Inquiring minds want to know, please.  (Don't worry, you can answer 'water,' if you don't want to say (lol).
Lol, it's definitely not water; not that I don't drink water before bed, which is a good way to hydrate the skin over night, but water is not it. lol. I have two favs, okay three: yerba mate tea with turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, raw honey and almond milk, beer (preferably Red Strip), and wine. 

     Thank you, Khadija, for stopping by the blog!


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  2. Fun interview! And I bet you do get tons of ideas for stories by being a substitute teacher!

  3. I had so much fun doing the interview thank you Kish and Thank you Allyn for enjoying it. I did get lots of story and character ideas from the students and the staff members. I have ideas from subbing that I haven't even gotten a chance to write yet. I can't wait to get to them.

  4. Khadija, as you know, I really enjoyed your interview!! I love the fact that teachers write YA....creative novels from those you KNOW.....