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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Branded snippet (ENOY!)

Hey y'all! 
I'll give you a snippet from my
YA paranormal novel, BRANDED :

 There was still one more thing Bri needed to say…. “The original families agreed, but none of the Descendants did.  They are being slaughtered, and someone needs to help them.”

             “Darling, it’s all good.  Trust me.  The Descendant sacrifices are needed to keep the balance.  We believe in them.”

             “Are you a Descendant?” Bri asked the strange woman.

            “I would have been honored, but no.  I’m a second-cousin to one of the Descendant families.”

“Girl. This. Is. Crazy,” Deanna said loudly, looking directly at Bri.  It was, Bri knew, but she might as well finish her crazy conversation with the woman seated before them.   

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