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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Returned to Fire
(the complete RE-EDITED novel: Resurrection, Hellbound, and Dawning)
She sold her soul for earthly beauty, and now, it’s time to pay up.  After Sionne is murdered, she is transported right to Hell to start her servitude as Hell’s newest demon.  A little pleading with her demon master earns her a few days back on Earth to find her killer.  Only, she has no intention of going back to the fiery pits....
Then her demon master informs her that the instant she finds her killer, the killer will be whisked away to an eternity in the fiery River Styxx, no questions asked.  Too bad that Sionne just discovered 'that person' is the body she is currently occupying. She still has no clue why or what connection this person has to her, but she is racing against time.  That is, if a hot, sexy chaos demon and an irresistible human guy don't make her forget all about what she's back in town to do....

Bargaining her soul had literally cost her .... her life.


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