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Monday, August 6, 2018

Pre-MADE covers: TO BUY or NOT TO BUY

Pre-MADE covers: TO BUY or
Are Premade Covers worth the HYPE??? I think so....here's why....(I say Do it...this is why)
SO, I've noticed a big trend on Facebook recently (maybe other social media)....premade covers, available for purchase, on the spot, to waiting authors.  I've pulled out my first thoughts about premade book covers below.

Here GOES:

-Authors get the opportunity to see a finished product, EVEN before committing to a design
-That being said, authors do NOT have to ever commit to a particular cover design (unless they purchase it, of course)
-Social media platforms provide a storefront experience for window-shopping authors
-Authors can spend less time designing the perfect cover in their heads, and relax a little (browsing premade designs allows a visual idea of what may work for a particular novel
-Browsing covers can be very fun, AND can foster friendships between authors admiring the artwork
-Joining multiple premade cover groups allows authors to build professional relationships with several graphic artists
-Authors can have beautiful covers on hand in a relatively short time, AND can even have covers purchased ahead of time, in preparation for marketing, even before their novel is complete
-Due to the availability of stock images, authors may end up with a main character who may turn out to be exactly the same as another author's main character
-Similarities in cover designs can occur even if authors purchase from different graphic artists
-No major alteration of designs is provided (other than the title and other cover text) 
-Also, the cover designers still need to protect their work regardless of whether the cover was sold premade or not (even if the author might be handy in Photoshop and a few other programs, major changes to the cover will be frowned upon) 
-Browsing stylish covers makes it hard to resist purchasing one....

[Psst...I can be found yapping further in depth about this on my YouTube page HERE.]

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