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Sunday, November 2, 2014

36 HOURS until a special BOOK RELEASE!!

Just 36 hours until the midnight, November 4, 2014 release on Amazon.com.

Something for the Tintd Teen fans..... 
a novella from the brand new Returned series novel from yours truly.

(No, it's not The Shelf 2, that's still in the pot, brewing!)

I present to you Resurrection, Book 1 of the Returned novel.

(draft cover and description below)

Sionne Webster comes to in a new body, that of a recent suicide: an unpopular, mousy girl.  She’s got no clue who this chick was, or why her body was chosen for Sionne’s Earth resurrection.  What Sionne does know is that she’s only got a few days to find her own murderer before the demon master, Tevit, whisks her back to Hell, hopefully with a killer in tow.  Until she discovers that her unknown body donor IS her murderer.  Something has delayed Tevit, but any day now, he will seize the body, no questions asked, and toss it to River Styxx with her inside.  

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