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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birth of a YA Horror junkie.....

As a kid, reading YA paranormal fiction (in those days, ghost stories and haunted doll stories) was where it all started.  This strange, unbridled love for the gruesome macabre.  (That and the fun of scaring yourself so badly, that you couldn't sleep without nightmares for at least three nights in a row!)  Back then, you didn't know what it was called, but you knew that you liked it.  And that you had to find more books like this somewhere: either on the small, lonely shelf in your teacher's classroom.  Or crammed in between the kiddie books on your cousin's bookshelf, wrongly discarded and forgotten.  Or even in a dusty box of books, with half of the covers ripped off, being tossed from your school library.  Those were the places where we unsung paranormal YA lit fans found our horror classics and got started.


  1. Hi Kish, just curious. what were the books that really peaked your interest in the genre?

  2. Good question. ANY and EVERY Christopher Pike ever written and released. My absolute favorite books of his? Remember Me (book 1) and Weekend. Those books? Mannnn! End all, be all! I couldn't live without those books!