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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Singed 1st Excerpt

Hey everyone, and Seasons Greetings!
I really like sharing blurbs, and I feel like sharing the intro blurb for my novel project Singed :
Here is the blurb:
She tried to fight it.  Whipping her head sideways, she dug her fingers deep into the spongy tree bark, easily breaking the brown outer layer.  Unwillingly, an image of her parents covered in their own blood popped into her head and Zaryn squeezed her eyes shut tightly, willing the image away.  But she allowed herself a few stolen seconds to revel in the crazy satisfaction that accompanied the image.
 “Oh no,” she whispered. 
For weeks, she’d been assaulted by the horrible images, scenes of her family broken and murdered.  Horrifying yes, but even more so, was the strange delight that she took in it.  Delight and horror and shame, all mixed together.  Immediately after a vision, she wondered if she was losing it.  Maybe she was, and it would be a shame, too.  ‘Not like there’s anyone that I can talk to about it anyway.’  She forced the thoughts to the back of her mind and focused on the task at hand.
Right now, she needed to run.
As if her life depended on it.
It did.
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