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Monday, November 11, 2013

Writing Advice on Worn-Out Cardstock

So, I finished moving and among my satchels of keepsake pages (as all writers have), I found a piece of cardstock that has been a flagship for me.  It was some hasty advice that I jotted down years ago, advice from Editor Anica Rissi.  I read it somewhere once, and it made such an impact, that I wrote and saved it. 

So, in case you can't read my handwriting scribble, these are the GOLDEN words:

1) Revise, revise
2) Start with conflict and tension
3) Start with the story, not the backstory
4) Give reader something to wonder about
5) Avoid explaining too much, too soon
6) Make sure story has both a plot arc and an emotional arc ie. (cross internal conflict with external conflict. Give more dilemnas, and force them to deal with the consequences of their choices)
7) Read your dialogue out loud
8) Use adjectives, adverbs, and dialogue tags only sparingly (trust your readers)
9) Make sure your details matter

Words to live by, writers!!!!

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