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Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 (Count 'em) Guilty Pleasures that I WILL NOT write without....

1) Ice cubes
(image courtesy food.bravurama.com)

They look good enough to eat!  (I know I sound like an anemic, ice junkie)  It's cool, though.  I just like the taste of the frost.

2) My super-duper shoe collection
(straight outta my closet!)

Dunno why, but when I'm writing and I stop to think, I stare off into space and over at my heels and wedges until I figure it out.  Go figure...

3) Sharp Cheddar Cheese
(image courtesy of Clippix ETC.)

Unhealthy...I know.....


  1. Too cute!!! I hate eating ice, makes me shiver, but if it works for you....Now the cheese, I'm right there with ya'!!!!