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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kaitlyn and Olivia....

Well, I last discovered that Kaitlyn was intimidated by her quiet, shy, sweet friend Olivia.  That seems pretty strange for BFFs.  So, how long have these chicas known each other?  The two girls first met one another in ninth grade, when Tab walked over an introduced herself to Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn and her brother, Aiden, were new to the school at the time, but while Aiden was able to make friends fast and easily, his sister was not so lucky.  K had no one to hang with, not a soul, and so she sat lonely every lunchtime.

Tab looked over one day from where she and Olivia were sitting, saw K, and headed to over to make a friend.

Typical Tab.

Really, part of her did it to spite Aiden, who she already had developed a small hatred for her.  Tab hated popular kids, even from then.  Funny, it seems that her friends should have known just how deeply she felt.....

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