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Monday, April 2, 2012

Teaser from 'GFS: Geeks' (upcoming release!!!) [Time is drawing near..]

‘How long do high school reputations follow you around?’ she wondered, approaching THE door.  Stopping just outside, she paused, thinking about her own reputation.

What was it again?




Class Salutatorian who’d almost gotten expelled.

Shaking her head, she wondered if that little nugget would make it onto her school transcript.  But yet even as she wondered about it, she admitted, way down in some deep dark part of herself, that what she’d done had been the most excitement she’d had in her entire life.  Even as clumsily as it had gone.

Ordinarily, she would have never, NEVER, have done a thing like that, but the sake of her school career, hence entire future, had depended on it.  As well as the sake of the Student Council’s future and reputation.

Inside her brain, Toi’s disdainful comments still stung.  “Are you planning to be a goof forever, or just until they expel us all?  Are you going to do it or not?”

“Someday,” she murmured now, even though Toi and the members of the Social Committee were nowhere in sight, “you’ll see that I’m more than just a goof.”  And it was true.  Hadn’t she gone through with it, like the rest of them?  Even though she had been frozen in fear until Duane Robles had screamed at her.

As she snapped back to reality, it occurred to her that she’d been standing outside the door for almost two full minutes.  Without further delay, she stepped into the crowded boys’ locker room and waited for something to happen.  


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